Don't Forget To Tip Your Bartender, Especially Today!

Friends and coworkers party in a bar.

Photo: Getty Images

Today is World Bartender Day, It's a good day to tip your bartender. Forty percent of us tip 20% or more when we get an adult beverage. Drinkers in some states do even better -- in Kentucky, Missouri, Indiana, Colorado, and New Jersey, people tip more than 25% per drink. On the other end of the spectrum? Boozers in Kansas, Minnesota, Iowa, Washington, and Utah tip the least, and three percent of them don't tip a single penny.

What are bartenders serving these days? When it's time to unwind with a drink ... all of us do that a little bit differently. According to a survey by Upgraded Points, 28% of Americans prefer a mixed drink, while 27% reach for a fancier cocktail. 26% like to chill out with a beer.

The margarita is a big favorite for those who like hard liquor, but a few states went rogue: Colorado was the only state to pick a Paloma. Mississippi went with the martini and Massachusetts opted for the Manhattan.

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