The Tooth Fairy Is Pretty Generous These Days

Tooth Fairy: brushing teeth with giant toothbrush

Photo: Getty Images

The Tooth Fairy is finding the cost of doing business is escalating. Historical records (my memory) show the going rate in the 60's and 70's was around 25 cents per tooth. Nothing extra for anything manually extracted. There was nothing waiting under my pillow for a tooth lost in a fight or a bike wreck. In the early 80's I got didley-squat for my wisdom teeth. Well, there was that awesome nap in the dentist's chair! Jump ahead to 2023 and my sources (my daughter and son-in-law) say the Tooth Fairy gives $Five dollars for the first tooth and $one dollar for each one after that. Results may vary from house to house.

How does the Tooth Fairy stay in business? There must be a way to take those gold and silver fillings to the Pawn Shop and redeem them for cash. That would be my guess! :)

-Matt Appleby

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