And The Winner Is...

Prize winner Ashley LeadinghamPhoto: Matt Appleby

Ashley Leadingham of Mansfield looks happy now but thirty minutes earlier not so much. Ashland was preparing to take her current vehicle to a mechanic for a major engine repair when she received "the call" . The call that told her she had just won a brand new 2022 Chevy Trax! It's Leadingham's first brand new car. and it could not have come at a better time. She quickly called her sister who was supposed to follow her to the mechanic and told her "we're not taken the car to the repair shop today because I won one! I'm sure I freaked her out pretty bad".

2022 Chevrolet Trax AWD at Graham AutomallPhoto: Matt Appleby

This new car was donated by Graham Automall for the annual United Way of Richland County fundraiser. Tickets sold for this prize drawing raised $20,000 towards The United Way's goal of $One-point-five million dollars. Earlier today United Way of Richland County's Executive Director Dan Varn kicked-off the Dash to The Goal and announced the agency has reach eighty-seven percent of it's goal. The annual fund raiser ends March 14th.

Mansfielder Ashley Leadingham in her brand new car!Photo: Matt Appleby

Leadingham, who had forgotten the drawing was to be held today, purchased just one ticket for the contest but said that's all it takes. Her first reaction was to share the great news with her sister and mother. Next will be to surprise her children who have been telling her for months that they need to get a new car. Talk about perfect timing. Leadingham, coincidentally, works for the United Way agency CHAP, Community Health Access Project.

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