Things You Need To Clean When Checking Into A Hotel Room


Photo: Getty Images

With spring break approaching here are some things to keep in mind when staying in a hotel. here's the scenario. You've just checked into your hotel on the first night of your vacation. Does it seem clean? It might but you need to do a few things before crawling into bed for sleep -- like breaking out the sanitizing wipes. According to Lifehacker, you should always wipe down the dirtiest things in every hotel room before doing anything else.

The germiest things in the room include:

  • The television remote
  • Nightstands
  • Door handles
  • Light switches
  • The toilet handle
  • The phone
  • The fridge handle

That's a start, but take your time and look for anything that might be a high-touch item for you: the knobs on your dresser or the handle of the hair dryer might also need a quick wipe.

Here's an extra task. My wife and I always spray the sheets with Lysol and check the bed for bed bugs. Yes, we travel with a can of Lysol.

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