16 Reasons To Skip That Hotel

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Photo: EyeEm

Hotel dealbreakers You're exhausted from traveling and can't wait to get into your hotel room to get some rest, but you see something in there so awful and disgusting that you refuse to stay there and probably complain to management. Travel website thevacationer.com conducted a poll to find out what it takes to make someone bail on their booked hotel room. Here are the top "Hotel Dealbreakers": How many of these have you experienced?

  1. Bed bugs
  2. Foul odors
  3. Finding a camera
  4. Stained sheets
  5. Unwanted critter (such as snake or cockroach)
  6. No locks or broken locks
  7. Broken plumbing
  8. Hearing gunshots
  9. Bad neighborhood
  10. Rude staff
  11. Hidden resort fees
  12. Suspicious acting guests
  13. Partying or loud behavior from guests
  14. Seeing a ghost or sensing the hotel is haunted
  15. Online pictures aren’t accurate
  16. No bible in the side table

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