Wedding DJ's, I'll Bet This Never Happened To You!

Olympics Day 10 - Shooting

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Owning a wedding venue and pointing a gun at the bride and groom is not going to get you a good Yelp review.

Everything with the Florida reception was going just fine until the last song of the night. The DJ, who also happened to be the cousin of the groom, said a worker ordered him to stop the music because he was afraid of getting noise complaints -- even though the couple had the room booked for another 30 minutes. The DJ says he turned the music down, but that wasn't good enough because the owner came running in with a gun drawn and started shouting at everyone to leave. 

The DJ says the owner, identified as Miguel Rodriguez Albisu, “just started brandishing the gun everywhere, at everybody," adding, he “put it at my uncle’s face, put it at my cousin who got married, the bride, put it at her head, waved it at her husband’s head." Another guest called 911 and police arrived before anyone could get hurt. They arrested Albisu and charged him with nine counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. The worker was also charged with battery. (NY Post)

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