Are Your Spouse's Annoying Sleep Habits Driving You Apart?

Frustrated man and sleeping woman

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Inadvertently my wife's broken foot situation may have saved our marriage! Just kidding, the marriage is fantastic. However we are sleeping separately, at least temporarily. Her broken foot has her confined to a recliner on the first floor. The doc says "No stairs", "No weight on the bad foot".. So I sleep upstairs in our bed while she sleeps in the recliner. (before you ask, our main floor cannot accommodate a portable hospital bed.) Whatever bad or annoying sleep habits we once tolerated are presently not an issue. We can't hear each other snore, we're not stealing each other's covers, and any tossing and turning I may do one floor above her does not cause the bed or the floor to creak. So it's a win-win. Unless we both are napping in the living room, then the snoring comes in to play. There is not, however, any cuddling which, with 20-20 hindsight, makes us regret not getting the power-reclining love seat. What's it like at your place?

Your partner's annoying sleep habits ... A new sleep survey finds that half of couples would be willing to sleep in separate beds in order to get a good night's sleep. The survey conducted by Serta Simmons Bedding found that although most couples enjoy cuddling and spending time together before bed, 49% say they would be willing to climb into their own beds to get quality sleep because their partner does things that are annoying. The most common annoyances include their partner stealing the covers (35%), tossing and turning (35%), keeping the television on (28%), snoring (28%), and leaving the lights on (27%).

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