America's most Hated Chores: Spring Cleaning Edition

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Generally speaking I do not like cleaning house and at the rate we're going it might be late Summer before we'll be ready to really attack it. By then we'll have to call it "Pre-Holiday Cleaning". It will be all we can do to have the house presentable for Thanksgiving Dinner, which we like to host. I'll admit though that when it does get done, the results are refreshing. I realize house cleaning is a must. I'm a radio announcer, so I can't afford a maid. That leaves Kelly and I to tackle that list of chores. So we team up and buckle down. Still some of the tasks on the list are cringe-worthy. -Matt Appleby

Getting ready for spring cleaning? There are certain chores Americans just can't stand. Many are gearing up for the annual tradition of spring cleaning. While the thought of tackling household chores can be daunting in itself, a nationwide survey finds there are certain tasks that Americans just can't stand. With 85% saying they procrastinate completing the chores they hate - you may want to think twice before using the bathroom at someone's home! Cleaning and sanitizing the bathroom is the #1 chore Americans hate! In fact, people say they'd rather wash bedding, bathe their pet, or vacuum before tackling their home's restroom.

  • More than 1 in 3 (37%) say they never do a deep clean of their home (yuck!)
  • 66% make excuses to avoid housework
  • 1 in 10 resort to bribery in order to get their spouse, partner, or roommate to do the chores they hate
  • 65% of women with kids say they do all the chores in the family, versus 23% of men 

Check out the report for a full ranking of America's Most Hated Chores, and additional information including the demographic most likely to hire a cleaning service, the percentage of Americans who skip spring cleaning, and more.

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