Imagine A Future Home That Doesn't Have At Least One Piece Of Tupperware

Woman spooning meat into tupperware

Photo: Getty Images

Tupperware Is close to extinction: A home kitchen staple may be fading away fast. Famous food storage company Tupperware says it's struggling and has hired advisers to help turn things around. The company’s stock is plummeting as it gets closer to shuttering. Earl Tupper started the company in 1946 in Massachusetts, and five years later, he moved it to Kissimmee, Florida. Over the years Tupperware's colorful plastic food containers have been found in kitchens around the country. The company, though, says net sales were down almost 20 percent last year. You don’t have to throw a party to get the containers anymore. Target has a line of the product on their shelves.

What unique Tupperware pieces did you have in your home? Let me know

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