Ways To Know A Movie Is Going To Stink

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  • “What’s the first sign that a movie is going to be bad?” That question was asked of more than 15,000 Reddit users. The warning signs include multiple trailers for the movie all using the same joke. Another would be the movie being advertised as one of the best movies of the year … and it’s only January. Source: Reddit

I have some thoughts as well. I have a very good sense that a movie is going to stink because of my "Too Much" rule. When there's too much violent action in the trailer or too much slapstick humor. Too much silliness in the trailer from the star of the movie is usually an indication that all of the movie's funny scenes are all crammed into the trailer. There's also the trailers that leave you wondering "what in the heck is that about?" I've also been known to reject a movie simply based on the cast and previous failures. If the trailer is telling me I'm "going to love it" I probably won't. It often comes down to "am I willing to spend money on seeing this movie in the theatre? Or "Should I wait to rent it some day? Or "Maybe if it shows up on regular tv I'll watch it". Those are three solid qualifiers.

Right now we have a short list of movies we' like to see at the theatre including 'Creed III', 'Guardians of the Galaxy 3', and a couple other sequels in the Indiana Jones and Mission Impossible Franchises. We don't expect any of these to stink. But we've been wrong before. -Matt Appleby

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