Soon You Can Get Special Sauce With Anything!

McDonald's Meal

Photo: Getty Images

"Special sauce". It's what makes the Big Mac a Big Mac! Without it, well, the jingle wouldn't be the same. Come on, say it with me "Two all-beef patties Special Sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun. But have you ever wondered what that special sauce would taste like, say, on the Filet-O Fish or there as a dip for your nuggets or fries? Here's your chance!

Put "special sauce" on anything … McDonald's shared some special news with fans of their Big Mac sauce. Beginning next Thursday (April 27th), the customers will be able to put the "special sauce" on anything they'd like -- not just a Big Mac. Dipping cups of the sauce will be available at no extra charge for a limited time, which means you'll be able to eat it with your McNuggets, fries, and anything else you'd like. But there is a catch. The offer is only available on orders made through the mobile app.  

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