What's The Sexiest Musical Instrument?

Men playing in jazz band

Photo: Getty Images

Nice instrument ya got there There’s a reason guys want to learn to play guitar. A 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair poll found that playing an instrument makes you more attractive. But it’s not just any instrument. These are the sexiest instruments, according to those surveyed:

  1. Guitar – 26%
  2. Saxophone – 25%
  3. Piano – 21%
  4. Violin – 14%
  5. Drums – 7%
  6. Flute – 5%

Sorry bass players , no respect. You didn't make the list, but that's typical, right? Me, I just play records and talk into a microphone where no one one can see me. That's one way to maintain a bit of mystery! - Matt Appleby

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