When Will I Retire? Right Before Calling Hours!

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What you're looking at is a representation of my calling hours. Also known to me as my retirement party. It's true. If allowed, I suspect I'll need to work right up to the end. I've often joked that they will have to carry me out of this place. Sadly I've seen a number of my radio brothers and sisters end their careers at the cemetery. Why not put a cork in it and save some of my golden years for rest, relaxation, and enjoying spending time with my wife and family. I have hobbies so boredom won't be a problem. Money might be. Radio has never paid well and for a good chunk of my lengthy career there was always too much month at the end of the money. Retirement investing came later and has grown slowly as I'm not a risky investor. I'm trying to be more frugal at the grocery store; practice for the leaner times ahead. I'm also trying to get major debts cleared. If that's not enough I'll rely on Social Security and cross my fingers for a winning lottery ticket to come through! Results of a recent survey show I'm not alone.

Work till you drop? A new survey found that when it comes to retirement, while 70% plan to stop working at some point, only 42% of those believe they will have enough money to do so. The survey found that 22% of Gen Z, 19% of Millennials, and 18% of Gen X don’t believe retirement is in their future. 37% of Gen Xers -- some of whom are approaching 60 -- say they won’t be retiring within the next 10 years.

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