Still Looking For The One? Don't Give Up!

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A New York Entrepreneur says he’s been on over 600 first dates, but he has yet to find “The One.” Joey Batista, a 43-year-old who owns Joey Bats Café on the Lower East Side of Manhattan says he’s met so many women that he has more than 1,000 of their numbers in his phone. Yet despite his decade of dating on sites like Match, Bumble, Hinge, and Tinder, Batista says he continues to strike out.

So, what’s the problem? Joey admits, “I don’t want to say I’m picky, but I’m just honest about wanting to feel a certain way.” He adds, “There have been occasions where I have been more interested than the girls, but I’ve had very few bad first dates. I like to meet new people.” While he continues looking for love, Batista says his one piece of advice for dating would be, “Always follow your gut.”

Source: NY Post

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