Stressed About Money? Who Isn't?

Business people stress the cost

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Not a day goes by that I don't think about money. Specifically monthly bills and large unexpected expenses like vehicle repairs and doctor visits. You might think radio personalities would be rolling in the dough, and you would be wrong. It's not unusual that it takes both members of the household to work to get by and that's true for us. Each month when the checkbook gets balanced and we count our money, we also count our blessings. But that doesn't mean we don't worry and according to a recent survey we're not alone. (-Matt Appleby)

Money and your mental health … A new survey by Bankrate finds that Americans are so stressed about money that it is affecting their mental health. 52% of respondents said money was the issue most hurting their mental health – up from 42% who said the same last year. Anxiety over money was followed by their own health (42%), current events (41%), the health of family and friends (36%), relationships with friends/family (32%), and work (31%).

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