Right Or Wrong, This Is How Some Parents Raise Their Kids

Family with a schoolgirl homeschooling and working at home

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That looks normal, right? I see a parent helping a child with their studies. Perhaps It's just homework, or maybe it's a home schooling setting. Either way it's not unfamiliar to most Americans. What's described below is a method I've never heard of. -Matt Appleby

School's out for ... ever. You may want to send your kids out of the room for this one. All parents believe they know what's best for their children, but a British couple is catching a lot of criticism on social media for their parenting practices, which include no rules and no school. Adele and Matt Allen believe in "child autonomy" for their three kids ages 12, 8, and 4. They allow the kids to go to bed whenever they want, eat whatever they want, and do household chores … if they want to. When it comes to their education, the Allens say they are "unschooling" their kids and allowing them to set their own curriculum by developing their own interests and then guiding them to learn more about them. The Allens also don't trust the healthcare system and treat all of their ailments with natural herbal remedies. The couple shares their parenting techniques on Instagram and YouTube, which is where they also get most of their negative feedback from commenters who have called them "cruel" and "lazy".

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