The 7 Friends Theory

Group of friends raising glasses to toast

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The 7 Friends Theory There’s a new concept trending on TikTok called the “7 Friends Theory.” Specifically, the idea is that we should have seven close friends, and that each of these friends fulfills a different role in our lives. These are the 7 friends we should have, according to the 7 Friends Theory:

1/ A friend you've known since childhood and have been through it all with.

2/ A friend who makes you laugh, even when times get tough.

3/ A friend you may not talk to for a while but can pick right back up with, as if no time has passed.

4/ A friend you can say absolutely anything to without judgment.

5/ A friend who feels like a brother or sister.

6/ A friend you can’t imagine not being in your life.

7/ A friend who listens to your relationship problems, even if they’re sick of hearing about it.

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