You And Your Four-Legged Soulmate

Woman cuddling with her dog

Photo: Getty Images

Searching for your soulmate? You may try the pound. A new survey of pet owners found that the majority of respondents say their pet is their soulmate. 53% say their furry friend knows them better than anyone else in their life, including their friends, family, and even their partner. 45% say they tell all their deepest secrets to their pet and 72% say their pet knows exactly how they are feeling.

Why is this relationship so fulfilling? That furry friend is always glad to see you when you come home, even if you were only gone for five minutes. They don't judge you. No fat-shaming from your pet. They don't stare at you when you eat that sixth cookie unless of course they want one, too. There's nobody in the world they'd rather have scratching behind their ears or rubbing their belly than you. There's no place they'd rather be than next to you or better yet, on your lap. Can you say the same about your significant other? - Matt Appleby

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