Father's Day: No Ties, Underwear Or Socks

Father's Day illustration with text "Happy Father's Day"

Photo: Getty Images

What a dad wants ... Father's Day is coming up, and according to a new poll, it's one of the more difficult holidays to buy gifts for ... because, well, dads are just impossible. 38% of people said their dad is the hardest person in their lives to shop for. 44% said they can't ask their dad what they want because his response is always, "I don't need anything." 27% say their dad tells them to "save your money for something else," and 17% simply reply, "I dunno." So, what should you get for the old man who claims he doesn't want anything? Here's what they really want:

  1. A meal out
  2. Wine
  3. A well-thought day out
  4. Books
  5. Craft beer
  6. Tickets to a game
  7. Aftershave
  8. Tech
  9. An all-inclusive holiday
  10. Their favorite team’s jersey

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