Feeling A Little Chubby? You Might Blame Stress!

Bored, lazy, overweight man sits on the sofa

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Americans Are Feeling Stress Too Often And It’s Affecting Our Weight: Nearly half of Americans have gained around 17 pounds because of stress and believe they'll never feel stress-free again. A study conducted by OnePoll found most are often worried about either their general health, the amount of money they make or their job.

They also shared how stress affects their day-to-day life, with 57-percent of people over 30 saying they feel stress more frequently now than they did five years ago. Close to 50-percent said they live an unhealthier life as a result of that stress. On average, people say they experience feelings of stress three days per week.

Medical experts say emotional or 'stress' eating can cause unwanted weight gain as we turn to food for comfort without thinking about just how much we're consuming.

Here’s where the stress is coming from:

  • General health (36%)
  • The amount of money they make (36%)
  • Their job (34%)

Source: Study Finds

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