My Home Is Bland Compared To Home Improvement Shows On TV.

Man breaks ceiling drywall while doing DIY

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That's not me, but ya never might be. I am not the least skilled person when it comes to fixing things around the house, remodeling or redecorating. I can paint, change out a faucet, assemble Sauder furniture, remove old carpet and...that's about it. Nearly every other skill needed, needs to be done by somebody else. We hired out reflooring our deck (I'll be the one staining it) and remodeling our Browns room following the basement waterproofing that was done in 2019. It's coming along slowly and, when finished, it will be part Mancave and part playroom for the Grandkids, There's just not much I have the skill to do correctly. The shows on HGTV are inspiring, for sure. But there are two things missing for me...the money and the talent. I know, one never learns before one tries. Any more we're not willing to tolerate something done half-assed, which is how it would end up if I did it. So here we are with our "office" and master bedroom's the ones that need redone. Actually the office remains untouched since we bough the place in 1997, and we started the bedroom several years ago and got sidetracked. Someday, right? Still anything we have done is relatively simple, conservative, not adventurous at all. Boring. We haven't completely given up, in fact we have some ideas for the bedroom. Is Shiplap still in style? Where's Chip and Joanna Gaines when you really need them. -Matt Appleby

Are home improvement shows making our homes boring? According to a new study, home improvements shows like those on HGTV are causing all houses to look the same. Because these shows tend to focus on what is "wrong" with a house, people are afraid to take risks in their decorating, which means homes lack any uniqueness.

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