Troubling News For Jewelers And DJ's: "Marriage" Is Becoming Outdated?

Is marriage outdated? According to a new survey, young adults may be feeling that way. The survey, commissioned by the Thriving Center of Psychology, found that two in five young adults think marriage is an outdated tradition, with 85% saying you don’t need to get married to have a fulfilling and committed relationship. And this is interesting – more young women than men felt that way – 52% vs. 41%

So why are young adults hesitant to put a ring on it? The number one reason is cost. 73% of Millennial and Gen Z respondents say it’s just too expensive to get married these days. Then there’s the 72% who say they just “aren’t interested” in marriage, with one in six respondents saying they have no plans to get married in the future. But maybe it’s not that that they don’t want to get married at all – they just don’t want to get married right now. 83% of those surveyed said they hope they will eventually get married “someday.”


Caucasian man proposing marriage to woman at beach

Photo: Alexey Karamanov / Tetra images / Getty Images

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