What If I Won?

Money falling from the sky

Photo: mikdam / iStock / Getty Images

One winning ticket was sold bearing the winning numbers from last night's Powerball drawing. It was sold in Los Angeles, California and its worth $One-billion-dollars! The winner could accept the lump sum amount of $516.8 million dollars. Either way, that's a lot of cash! I day dream a lot about how I'd handle such a situation. What I can promise you is all of my immediate family would be well taken care of as would all of our children, grand children, future great grand children, etc. Here's what I have planned so far...

  1. Verify ticket
  2. Put my prize in a safe
  3. Hire an attorney
  4. Hire an accountant (Kelly does our checkbook, but she deserves a break!)
  5. Retire! It's been fun. Adios!
  6. Set up trusts for family members
  7. Set up large donations to our churches, favorite charities and our community
  8. Hire someone to build our dream home
  9. Upgrade our transportation
  10. Travel

I'm sure we'll think of more things, but that's a good start. We'll try and stay anonymous. We'll also probably need to hire someone just to protect us from the people who will come to use for money. I'm sure there'll be someone I once looked at cross-eyed that will sue me for not being nice that one time 40 years ago. Sorry, but I'm just being realistic. Will I buy the radio station? Probably not. I'll be too busy doing things 6 thru 10 from the list above. It will be truly nice to live my golden years or my "Fourth Quarter" worry free.

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