CAUTION: Barbie Movie Is Rated PG-13. Parents Plan Accordingly.

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Parents, may I have your attention? You and your children may already be very familiar with Barbie dolls, Barbie's friend Ken, Barbie's mansion, Malibu house, Barbie's car(s), mini van and plane (she does have a plane, right?) and enough clothing to fill a real live human's closet. One might think the next logical step would be to take them to the new live-action Barbie movie starring Margot Robbie as Barbie and Ryan Gosling as Ken. After seeing the trailers and ads online, your kid may be very excited to see “Barbie,” which opens in theaters today. I'm concerned your younger kids might be a little confused when the characters on the screen not only don't look like their toy dolls but they actually walk and talk on their own. IMO that might cause some confusion for the little ones. Imagine how upset they'll be when they get home and their Barbie doesn't walk and talk like the ones at the theatre. Nor do her friends. Even for some older children there may be some questionable content. Please read the following and decide if this movie is appropriate for youngsters. -from WNCO's Matt Appleby

*Slight spoilers ahead*

  • “Barbie” is rated PG-13, for “suggestive references” and “brief language.”
  • Barbie is catcalled by some construction workers, but a lot of what they say will probably go over kids’ heads. One thing she does say back to them is “I don’t have a vagina. He doesn’t have a penis. We don’t have genitals,” before she rollerblades away with Ken. So curious kids may have questions about that.
  • There’s a curse word that’s bleeped out and a Mattel logo covers Barbie’s mouth when she says it.
  • There aren’t really any sexual references in the movie, as Ken doesn’t even understand what kissing is. There is a reference to the “nude blob he’s packing under his jeans,” but any kid who’s played with a Barbie or Ken doll will know exactly what’s down there anyway.
  • As for violence, there is some, but most of it is mild or goofy. Barbie punches a guy in the face, but only after he slaps her butt without consent.
  • The only drugs, alcohol or smoking in the movie is when the Kens drink “Brewski Beers,” but it’s done in the Barbieland way, where they hold empty bottles up near their mouths and nothing comes out.
  • Kids may also have some questions about the words “feminism” and “patriarchy” used in the film.
  • It’s a movie that will probably appeal to kids of all ages, with plenty of goofball humor mixed in with the social commentary.

Source: Mashable

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