The Germiest Places On Vacation

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I've gotten some sort of intestinal bug almost every time I've flown. This has happened, to varying degrees, each of the last two trips to Memphis as well as last summer's trip to Myrtle Beach. On one trip I spent a full day sick in bed in our hotel room and we had to choose a later flight home as a result. Since then I travel with a full arsenal of Pepto Bismol liquid and tablets, Immodium and Rolaids. Still I wonder where exactly did I pick-up to "bug"? The plane? Airport? Hotel? Something I ate? As you'll see the possibilities are many. - Matt Appleby / WNCO

The germiest places on vacation ... If you've ever gotten sick while on vacation, you can point to any number of germ-filled items you've touched as the likely cause of your illness. A study from Lysol Pro Solutions measured the contamination on surfaces in airports, on planes, and in hotel rooms to determine the germiest places you encounter while on vacation. Here's what they found.

The germiest places in hotel rooms:

  1. Toilet handles
  2. TV remotes and doorknobs (tied)
  3. Desktops, refrigerator handles and nightstands (tied)

The germiest place in hotel common areas:

  1. Elevator buttons
  2. Luggage cart handrails
  3. Bathroom doors, front desks, and elevator handrails (tied)

The germiest places in airport check-in areas:

  1. Pin pad at check-in kiosks
  2. Check-in countertops
  3. Baggage office countertops

The germiest places on a plane:

  1. Seatbelt buckles and window shade handles (tied)
  2. Tray table latch
  3. Overhead air vent dials

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