Signs Your Dog Really Loves You

Man and beagle

Photo: Boris Zhitkov / Moment / Getty Images

You love your dog … but does your dog love you back? According to a YouGov poll, 95% of dog owners believe their dog is capable of love. Here are some of the behaviors that reveal your dog’s affection for you:

  • They bring you their toys.
  • They follow you everywhere.
  • They lick you a lot.
  • They love to lean on you.
  • They excitedly wag their tail when you enter the room.
  • They always stare at you even when you're not looking.
Australian dog with ball in mouth during a training.

Photo: Giacomo Augugliaro / Moment / Getty Images

caucasian adult woman with her dog at home hugging

Photo: raquel arocena torres / Moment / Getty Images

Guy and his dog, golden retriever, nature

Photo: Nevena1987 / E+ / Getty Images

Dog resting his head on his owners face whilst both are laying on the floor

Photo: Jamie Garbutt / Stone / Getty Images

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