Be Honest. You've Always Wondered About This.

Astronaut using an escalator

Photo: ER Productions Limited / DigitalVision / Getty Images

With astronauts getting ready for a return to the moon as soon as 2025, scientists are doing all they can to prepare for the mission -- including developing technology that keeps underwear clean out there.

The scientists are engineering new fabrics that help the astronauts minimize the effects of extreme temperatures, space radiation and highly abrasive dust.

They also want to minimize microbe growth within the spacesuit itself, especially since the spacesuits may be shared by members of the crew.

They haven't perfected the fabric, but they're getting closer.

And, all the progress the scientists are making for the astronauts can also be used here on earth ... because everyone can appreciate clean and dry -- and odor-free -- tighty-whities.

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