How You Know It's School Picture Day

Loving mom prepares daughter for first day of school

Photo: SDI Productions / E+ / Getty Images

Top Signs It’s National School Picture Day

Your six-year-old is wearing a three-piece suit

 High school homerooms look like the bridal suit on wedding day

 The biggest decision of the day is the “Outer Space” background or the “Fall Foliage” background

 Mom’s pack backpacks with brushes and hair gel

 You just saw a Kindergartener in high heels

 Teachers haven’t dressed this nice since the first day of summer

 School photographer needs a drink by 10 am

 Moms reminding their toothless kids to not smile too hard

 Your kid’s best clothes look like rags after recess

 Teachers are now forced to be hair and makeup artists

 Kid with the worst outfit forced to hold the class sign in the group shot

 Kids are covered in smocks during snack time

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