Dog Food Recall - People Getting Sick

Bowl with dog food

Photo: Westend61 / Westend61 / Getty Images

FDA Announces Recall Of Pet Food Causing Human Illness: The FDA announced that pet food made by Mid America Pet Food is being recalled because of a salmonella outbreak. So far, seven cases of illness across seven states have been reported. Six of those diagnosed are less than 1 year old and the outbreak has resulted in one hospitalization. The people who got sick touched the food bowls of their pets. The brand’s affected are:

  • Victor Super Premium Dog Food
  • Wayne Feeds Dog Food
  • Member’s Mark (sold by Sam’s Club)
  • Victor Super Premium Cat Food
  • Wayne Feeds Gold Cat Food

Besides throwing out the food, the CDC says you need to wipe down all surfaces that the food or bowls have touched to avoid becoming sick. The full list of foods affected by the recall is here.

Source: Today

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