Planning On Using Doggy Daycare? Do These Things First

Pet groomer working at the dog daycare and pet hotel

Photo: Antonio_Diaz / iStock / Getty Images

What To Know Before Taking Your Pup To A Doggie Daycare: If you're traveling for the holidays and need to put your pup in a doggie daycare, there are some things you need to know first. It’s not as easy as finding one and dropping your furry family member off. “Little Things” shares a list of things to know before you go.

  • Do your research before picking a doggie daycare
  • Take a tour
  • Reserve a spot early
  • Ask about their staffing
  • Bring items from home
  • Make sure your pet’s vaccines are up to date
  • Explain any extra needs your dog has
  • Bring medications
  • Make the goodbye short so as not to stress your pet

Source; Little Things

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