Odd? Yes! Disgusting? Yes! But Back In The Day People Served This Stuff!

Jellied pork and beef on a plate

Jellied pork and beef on a plate.Photo: kudryavtsev / iStock / Getty Images

A Redditor asked for very specific help for Thanksgiving in a new post. He writes that he’s a French guy who doesn’t know much about traditional Thanksgiving side dishes, but an American friend invited him for Thanksgiving dinner, and he joked that he’ll do his worst. He asks Reddit for “weird old school recipes” to make and they didn’t disappoint.

These are some of the worst and weirdest suggestions offered:

  • “We do creamed onions, which is just jarred pearl onions in béchamel. It’s really tasty but not very pretty.”
  • “Tomato aspic. Tomato flavored jello. A wiggly blood clot for your holiday table! Festive!”
  • “Pear ‘salad.’ 🤢 canned pear half with a blob of mayonnaise in the middle, a sprinkle of shredded cheddar cheese and a maraschino cherry on top. I still do not understand how these could be good or considered a salad but they were a staple here in the south until mid-late 1980’s.”
  • “Fruit cocktail suspended in strawberry jello. Top with generic Cool Whip.”
  • “Green Bean Casserole. Not the worst per se, but it's my least favorite.”
  • “Vinegar pie. Bologna layer cake.”
  • “Any meat in jello.”
  • “That shredded carrot and raisin salad is right up there in the non gelatin worst sides list.”
  • “Pineapple Cheese Casserole”
  • “Sweet potatoes topped with marshmallows. Ick”
  • “My in-laws make smoked oyster pie. It is the nastiest thing I’ve ever put in my mouth.”
  • “Green jello, canned peas, shredded iceberg lettuce. My MIL’s piece de resistance.”
  • “Search for 1700's American cookbooks. Then send them some recipes and ask what squirrel dish they prefer.”
  • “Pea salad. Peas, ranch packet, shredded cheese and mayo.”
  • “Snickers salad. There is no other answer”
  • “Chunked up canned ham, celery and pineapple in lemon jello. How did we survive?”

Source: Reddit

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