Virus Battling Necessities: How I'm Fighting The Good Fight

I'm sharing my experience in the hope that you may 1/ feel some kinship with me and 2/ get prepared for when you catch something this winter.

Have you caught it yet? Ya know, "The Virus"? Actually there are three going arund: COVID, RSV and "The Flu". I've had the first with Pneumonia and was hospitalized, That was a couple years back. I'll get some form of "The Flu" every year or so, and to my knowledge have not had RSV. Whatever kicked my butt this week was bad but could have been so much worse.

This scenario I'm quite familiar with. I push myself hard personally and professionally from Halloween through New Year's Day and by then I'm worn out and susceptible to some sort of bug. I'm not saying I always sticks to this pattern. Sometimes it arrives early. I remember being sick as a dog by Christmas Eve, sitting in the utility closet at St. Edwards Church (many years ago) manning the simulcast of the service and blowing my nose constantly. Sometimes its the stomach bug and not a respiratory virus that does me in. One way or another I'm going down!

This year I started to feel it coming on late Saturday night January 6th with a dry, scratchy throat and, wheezy cough that turned into a loud honking cough by Sunday. By Monday it had me in its grasp. I worked a half day and went to a walk-in clinic. For two reasons. First I knew I needed professional help. Second I had jury duty coming up and did not want to sit in a courtroom coughing my head off. That would be distracting. Thus I would need a Doctor's Excuse for the court and work. The doc tested for COVID and The Flu and both were negative. She told me that what I have is viral, very popular these days and it'll stick around for a week or so. She prescribed a steroid to help open up my lungs. Also, and this is important for those of you with High Blood Pressure, over-the-counter cough medicines can cause your BP to go up. I was using such an OTC syrup and yes it did raise my BP, dangerously. So we corrected that with instructions to pick up something with the HBP formula. Here I am, four days later, on the road to recovery.

Since the Doctor visit, the virus set up shop in my sinuses and advanced to watery eyes and frequent sneezing. Today I'm experiencing a stuffy nose and, well, the forecast calls for lots of phlegm. All along, BTW, no discernable fever.

Remember I'm not a doctor. I just play one on the radio. I want to share with you this list of things to keep in mind and supplies you'll want to have on hand for when the big bad virus comes calling at your house:

1/ First and foremost, see your medical professional and follow orders

2/ Hand washing and hand sanitizers are always be your best practices

3/ Check your supplies and make sure you have the following

  • bottled water
  • orange juice
  • pain reliever (check with your doctor for compatibility with prescribed meds)
  • tissues - LOTS of tissues
  • Vicks Vapo rub - (Singing "Soft Kitty" is helpful just ask Sheldon)
  • digital thermometer (start looking for it now)
  • hand sanitizer and Clorox wipes
  • chicken soup
  • bread for toast or grilled cheese
  • which reminds me...cheese slices
  • Get plenty of rest
  • Daytime TV options pretty much suck! Turn on your radio!

In all seriousness I am feeling way better today than I did Monday and I hope you do not get sick!

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