Who Takes The Best Care Of Us When We're Sick? Mom, Of Course!

Medical check up and treatment concept. Mother is measure the temperature of little Asian kid girl. Sick child with fever and illness in bed.

Photo: Narisara Nami / Moment / Getty Images

Thinking back to my childhood it was my Mother that always nursed me back to health. She was always ready with the chicken soup, Vicks Vapo rub, ginger ale or orange juice, tissues, a thermometer and, in some cases, a puke bucket. She'd be there with a cold rag to dab my forehead if I had a fever. Once my appetite returned you could bet there'd be a grilled cheese sandwich ready in no time. All the while making sure I got plenty of rest. After all I couldn't miss too much school. I had to keep my grades up. That general health care regimen is something I practiced as a parent and still do for myself and my wife, along with the grand kids, today. Thanks, Mom! -Matt Appleby

According to a new survey, it’s your mom that takes the best care of you when you're sick. In fact, 40% of respondents said their mom takes better care of them than their significant other when they’re not feeling well. Men were more likely to agree that their mom takes better care of them than their partner does when they’re sick (43% vs. 35%). 58% of men even said they still wished their moms could take care of them when they’re sick. The survey also found that women were more likely to want to be left alone when they are sick (53%) vs. men (47%).

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