How You Eat Can Be A Turn Off

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This story caught my eye because my wife hates to hear me chew! Not because I chew with my mouth open, talk while I'm chewing or smack my lips. None of those reasons. It's because my jaw makes a popping/grinding noise. It's a little late in the game to fix that (we've been married for almost 27 years) so we just put on some music or turn up the volume on the TV to drown it out. That said, there are some people with bad habits and even worse behavior at the dinner table and, if you catch it early, you can save yourself a ton of regret. - Matt Appleby

Dining deal breakers … How someone eats can be a big turnoff. Do they lick their fingers? Slurp their soup? Chew with their mouth open? All of those are dining turnoffs for sure, but there is one red flag dining habit that beats all of those. Can you guess what it is? It’s being rude to the restaurant staff. In a recent survey, 60% said being rude to the server is the top food turn-off. Here are the Top 10 (out of 30) dining behaviors that give people the “ick”:

  1. Being rude to servers
  2. Eating with your mouth open
  3. Talking with a mouth full of food
  4. Spitting something back out onto a plate
  5. Picking your teeth
  6. Slurping soup
  7. Eating other people’s leftovers without asking
  8. Licking a knife
  9. Criticizing someone’s cooking
  10. Licking fingers instead of using a napkin

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