Suggesting Eating Cereal For Dinner Is Apparently An Insult

Feeding your family cereal for dinner can help cut costs. That's what the CEO of Kellogg brands suggested and is taking some heat for the remark. Apparently it's insulting and some want a boycott (see story below.) But I have a couple of things to say on the matter. First, I've had cereal for dinner many times and it has nothing to do with cost. It's a matter of convenience. Prep is minimal and quick, you only dirty one bowl and one spoon, and it's generally satisfying. Second, it seems the CEO has no idea what his company is charging for cereal these days. It's not a bargain. One box "might" feed one family. Third, I long ago caught on to the ever-shrinking and renaming of the cereal box. What Family box is now the smaller box, the Large box used to be the Family box and the Giant box ain't nearly as Giant as it used to be. And they thought we wouldn't notice! Fourth, and final remark, cereal is too darn expensive. - Matt Appleby

Let 'em eat cereal … Kellogg’s, the maker of a bunch of brands of cereal as well as other snacks, is under fire after their CEO suggested that people eat cereal for dinner to cut costs. This comes after the fact that the company has raised its prices over the last few years. There’s now a growing call on TikTok to boycott the company for three months (from April 1st to June 30th, which is the second quarter of their fiscal year) to send a message to them. The boycott also calls for the company to lower its prices.

“Inflation has continued to rise year over year over year, and they continue to do nothing about it,” said a TikTok user in one of the videos calling for a Kellogg’s boycott. “First we were told that we drink too much Starbucks. Then it was, stop having so much avocado toast. Now Kellogg’s CEO wants to tell us, ‘Oh, you can’t afford dinner, that’s OK, just buy Frosted Flakes and you’ll be all right.’ Touché there, but I will not be eating Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes.”

Father and daughter eating cereal at table

Photo: JGI/Jamie Grill / Tetra images / Getty Images

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