Top 5 Worst Jobs - Do You Do One Of These Jobs For A Living?

According to a recent survey...

This job is the worst! What are the worst jobs in America? Stacker took data from PayScale and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics to determine the 50 worst jobs in America. To come up with the list they examined 500 jobs to calculate their "misery score," which is based on four factors: job meaning, median income, job satisfaction, and projected job growth. Based on their research, these are the Top 5 Worst Jobs in the U.S.:

5. Lathe and turning machine tool setters, operators, and tenders, metal and plastic

4. Laundry and dry-cleaning workers

3. Dining room and cafeteria attendants and bartender helpers

2. Dishwashers

1. Parking lot attendants

parking attendant, traffic warden, getting ticket fine mandate

Photo: miszaqq / iStock / Getty Images

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