Tips For Vacationing With Your Dog

Worried Dog in Car, Nervous Dog in Car

Photo: Jena Ardell / Moment / Getty Images

Does that dog look a little worried to you? Could be! Traveling with pet, especially on a vacation, takes preparation and practice. Here are some tips that may help.

Tips For Making A Vacation With Your Dog Enjoyable: It’s vacation season and if you are traveling with your dog, there are some things to know first. About 85-percent of dog owners travel with their pup so it’s important that both the dog and humans are comfy on the trip. Here are essential tips, according to experts for heading out with your furbaby:

  • Pet-Related Documents. Have vaccine and other important pet records on hand
  • If the dog hasn’t traveled before, take them on a short trip first
  • Prepare to pay pet fees along the way
  • Your dog may show anxious behaviors that they don’t at home
  • Find pet friendly restaurants along your route
  • Bring water from home. Local water may upset their stomach
  • Tire your pup out so they’ll be more well behaved

Source: The Signal

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