Are You Being "Gaslit" By Your Doctor?

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What Does it mean when someone sys you are being "gaslighted"? To gaslight someone means to manipulate another person into doubting their own perceptions, experiences or understanding of events, according to the American Psychological Association.(Feb 20, 2024)

Is this happening to you?

Medical Gaslighting And How To Handle It: Gaslighting by doctors is a whole thing on TikTok, with mostly women sharing their stories. Dr. Alyssa Burgart, clinical director at Stanford School of Medicine, defines it as “patients’ symptoms and lived experiences being dismissed by medical providers and explained away with incorrect diagnoses.” Patients who are gaslit overall have worse outcomes. Here’s how to tell if you’re being medically gaslit.

  • Your provider is not listening to you or often interrupts you.
  • You feel like your medical concerns are being dismissed or ignored
  • You are often blamed for your medical symptoms
  • You are told that you are worrying too much or just have anxiety about your symptoms
  • Your provider will not provide a referral or order key lab work for diagnosis purposes

If you are being gaslit, here’s how to handle it.

  • Take notes during your appointment and compare them to the note that your provider took at the time of your visit
  • Try to advocate for yourself with your existing provider first
  • If you think you’re being dismissed, ask your clinician to repeat back to you what they understand about your symptoms
  • Get a second opinion and switch your care

Source: Huffington Post

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