It's Time To Get Rid Of That Excess Stuff

Clutter mess on a bedroom floor

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Look at that picture! What's the snow shovel doing in the bedroom? Maybe it's there to shovel the clutter! If you're like me you have a house full of clutter. Here's a list of ideas to help us live our lives with less stuff! -Matt Appleby

Why Your Family Should Have Less Stuff: Society tells us we need stuff and lots of it. But studies show what we load up our houses with can cause stress, not to mention the environmental impacts. There are some great reasons to take a look around your home and get rid of things you just don’t use… and to put the brakes on buying more. These are the reasons, according to experts:

  • Less clutter is safer
  • It’s better for mental health
  • You get to enjoy what you already have
  • You save money
  • You set an example
  • You encourage imagination
  • It cuts down on squabbles
  • You get to enjoy more experiences together instead of things
  • You can utilize space better
  • There’s less to clean up

Source: Cafe Mom

Garage Clutter

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