Red Or White. Whatever Kind Of Person You Are Tonight!

Rose, white and red wines in glasses

Photo: Image Source / Image Source / Getty Images

The color of wine you drink says a lot about the kind of person you are. Check out the results from a survey below and I'll be over here singing the appropriate Billy Joel song. :)

Red or white? Seems what's in your wine glass says a lot about your personality. A survey found that red wine drinkers are more likely to be early birds and introverts, while white wine drinkers tend to be night owls and extroverts. Other personality traits? Red wine drinkers identify as humble, adventurous and organized. They also tend to prefer dogs over cats. White wine drinkers are more sarcastic and curious, and tend to be perfectionists. They are also more likely to be cat people. Red wine drinkers also spend more on wine than their white wine counterparts. Red wine fans spend about 40 bucks a bottle, while white wine drinkers spend about $37 a bottle. And red wine drinkers (45%) are more likely to consider themselves "wine aficionados" than white wine drinkers (31%).

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