Air Force Academy Band Wild Blue Country Performs Medley

Abby got to pick any segment since she was Employee of the Month and chose the Air Force Academy Band Wild Blue Country to come on The Bobby Bones Show and perform.  

Senior Master Sergeants Jeff Valentine and technical sergeants are all part of Air Force Academy Band together. They came in as professional musicians and competed for their jobs as one in the Air Force. To audition, they had to send in audio of them performing and if they deemed it good enough you were then brought in to compete live against the other finalists round by round. If you get the job, you still have to complete your regular duties and can be deployed for up to 100 days. They aren’t allowed to perform for money and have to be careful playing for charity events, but they do play all over the country year long.

While in studio they performed the Arms Service Medley for each branch of the military and a cover of “Country Roads," watch below!

The Air Force Academy Blue Band is performing at the Veterans Day Show at The Grand Ole Opry on November 11th.

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