(Thurs Early Bird) What Is The Hack Bobby Learned On TikTok + Morgan2 Shares Some Crazy DMs She's Received + Mailbag: Bad Interaction With Favorite Country Artist

Transitioning Seasons Of Life With Grace, Expanding Your Window Of Tolerance, Supporting Foster Care & More

Matt Smallbone (@matt.smallbone) is Amy's guest today. If you want to transition into different seasons of life with grace and increase your 'window of tolerance' - this chat is for you! You'll also hear how you can make an impact in the foster care world (even if you're not called to be a foster parent) because there is a deep need for help in this area across the country. Matt specifically shares with us what his church is doing in Nashville to help foster children and DCS workers through Isaiah 117 House --> learn more by clicking this link: https://isaiah117house.com!! 
Link to donate: https://isaiah117house.com/donate  

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Ray Is A Quitter......

USA is the greatest soccer team in the world!!! Was this the most exciting soccer game Eddie and Ray have ever seen? Was Lunchbox able to sleep last night after the World Cup win for the USA? Lunchbox ran into a Predators player at Walgreens and it almost turned into Da Julio 2.0. Ray has decided to use a very controversial lineup for the Sore Losers 

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Weds Post Show (11-30-22)

Bobby shares who is coming up next on the show. Bobby talks to Raymundo about how he was never paid for something that he was a part of earlier this year for an event. We talk about the child support ruling in the Kim K and Kanye divorce.

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Introducing Rewives with Bethenny Frankel

Hi, 4 Things with Amy Brown fans! Bethenny Frankel is undeniably the breakout star of The Real Housewives franchise. More than a decade later, Bethenny is ready to rehash, revisit and rewatch the most iconic episodes from all of your favorite cities.

If you’re ready to Mention It All, listen here and subscribe to Rewives with Bethenny Frankel on the iHeartRadio app or wherever you get your podcasts!

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(Wed Full Show) Tyler Florence Is On The Show Answering Common Cooking Questions, His Opinion If A1 Sauce Should Be On Steaks & More! + Ray Shares A Big Country Music Secret + Why Does Lunchbox Want To Pimp Some Joy To Listeners?

Tyler Florence is on the show talking about his new restaurants, answers common cooking questions, his opinion if A1 sauce belongs on steaks and more! Plus, hear what the big country music secret about a massive pop star Ray shares is. Then, find out why Lunchbox wants to Pimp Some Joy to a listener.

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(Wed Early Bird) Maren Morris Is On The Show Talking About What Backstage Is Like At Her Shows, Answers The Most Googled Questions About Herself & More! + Lunchbox Needs Dr. Bobby Bones Diagnosis + Mailbag: Best Friend’s Wife Is A Buzzkill

Maren Morris calls into the show as she's about to do the final stop on her 'Humble Quest Tour.' Find out what backstage at her shows is like, and the answers to the most googled questions about herself, and more! Plus, Lunchbox needs Dr. Bobby Bones diagnosis with something. Hear what it is and Bobby's advice. Mailbag: A listener’s best friend just got married and his wife insists she comes with him whenever they hangout, but she’s a buzzkill who is always complaining about everything. He wants to keep hanging out with his friend but isn’t sure how to tell him not to bring his wife to everything. We share our thoughts!

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(Tues Full Show) Why Were Some People Trolling Bobby Last Night? + We Play The TV Theme Song Game + Lunchbox's 'Chrisley Report'

Find out why Bobby was dealing with some people trolling him last night about his dogs...Plus, we play the TV theme song game! Someone on the show has to name 7 out of 10 famous TV theme songs. If they get 7, they will win $100. If they don't, they have to draw a sharpie unibrow and wear it for a day! Hear who wins. Then, Lunchbox shared his personal research about the Chrisley's prison sentence in his 'Chrisley Report.' 

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(Tues Early Bird) Eddie Has A New Favorite Word He Can't Stop Saying + What Is The Top-Quality Women Look For In A Partner? + Bobby's Mailbag: Listener Doesn't Like Her Engagement Ring

Eddie has a new favorite word he can't stop saying, find out what it is! Plus, a recent survey named the top-quality women look for in a partner, who on the show guessed it right? Mailbag: a listener recently got engaged to her boyfriend of four years on Thanksgiving Day and is thrilled! But she doesn't like the ring he proposed with. She knows it’s not about the ring, but he spent a lot of money on it and since she’s going to wear it for the rest of her life, she wants to know if she should ask to exchange it or suck it up? We share our thoughts!

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The Gift Of Experiences, Sad Songs Boost Your Mood, Resistance Is Good For You & More (5th Thing)

Welcome to the '5th Thing' with Amy & Kat!! Amy starts off asking Kat about her family giving the gift of experiences instead of things this year-her family just took a trip over Thanksgiving, but that was everyone’s Christmas gift! Kat shares why she loved it!! Today’s quote is “listening to sad songs can actually boost your mood!” -@UberFacts. Kat shares that she has a playlist titled: “Songs That Make You Cry.” Amy shares songs that make her sad & then shares a tip on how to claim money that you might have out there through your state. Example: claimittexas.gov is where she got money that was owed under her own name and also her parents name (since they have passed away - Amy was able to claim their money too!) Kat is now going to try to claim money owed to her in Tennessee. FUN FACT ABOUT KAT: She used to teach spin class-so Amy asks if she ever put sad songs on during a class. Kat says that sad songs are good for when you’re “climbing” a hill” and then fun songs when you get to the top of the hill-it’s a journey!! Amy doesn’t like spin class, but when she’s taken a class she says she would never add too much resistance-but Kat shares why resistance is actually good for you (metaphorically). This led to talking about Nicolle Galyon’s song “Winner” and then Jessica Simpson’s book “Open Book” being turned into a TV show-starring John Stamos!!


Thank you licensed therapist, Kat Defatta, for joining us with her wisdom. You can find her on Instagram: @Kat.Defatta + @YouNeedTherapyPodcast.

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